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Psycards - Set Your Psyche Free

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Set your psyche free

The Psycards System

Psycards are a system of symbolic pictures to help you find direction in your personal life. They can be used by yourself as interpreter, reader or 'psy-counsellor', for family, friends and others.

Their aim is to gain insight into the Self, your feelings and your own psychology.

They can help you make personal decisions and understand your motivations.

They can also enable you to develop your psychic talents to help others. In the simplest way, they enable people to open up and understand their inner feelings.

Of course they are fun and entertaining, but thousands of people around the world discover that they are more than that.

Psycards use some elements of both Tarot and Oracle, but leans towards 20th Century psychology and myths.

Product Information

Includes 40 powerful cards plus a small and simple information sheet to get you started.

Illustrated by Maggie Kneen, they are based on Jung’s psychotherapy and the belief that symbols have the power to bridge the conscious and the unconscious.

Size - 64 x 110mm

What us Mystic Girls Think

We love them!
Having been used to shuffling Tarot and Oracle decks, their smaller size makes these much easier to handle, and definitely user friendly for beginners.

The images and symbols on the cards are stunning, and while they can be read quite accurately at surface level, the more you bond with them, the deeper they draw you in.
When reading for ourselves, we like that they enable us to question our inner thoughts and motivations - with some quite surprising and unexpected results!

If you are looking to explore your inner psyche, then these cards are a definite must have