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Tigers Eye Dowsing Pendulum

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This beautiful Tigers Eye Dowsing Pendulum is made from natural polished Tigers Eye crystal. A great protective stone, it diverts unwanted energies, builds confidence and self esteem and activates the energies of the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. 

The crystal measures approximately 3.5cm and is held on a silver chain with matching bead stopper measuring approximately 20cm long.

A Dowsing Pendulum can be used to gain both an insight and clarity into a given question or situation.

On a basic level, the Dowsing Pendulum can be used to answer yes / no questions.

To do this, hold the pendulum over the palm of your hand and ask a question you know the answer to be yes – this will give you the swing direction of a yes answer.

Now do the same, but using a question you know the answer to be no.

Once you have your yes / no swing direction, you are now ready to ask your pendulum your questions.


Due to the unique nature of this product, no two pendulums are exactly alike, therefore sizes and colours may differ very slightly to that shown.