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Pendulum Dowsing Board / Spirit Board

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This Pendulum Dowsing Board is perfectly designed for both Dowsing beginners and more experienced users.

The Astrologically designed Dowsing Board able to assist the user in gaining clarity with a given question or situation.

To it's centre, there are yes / no/ perhaps and try again options which can be used to answer basic yes / no questions.

The board also offers the days of the week, numbers 0 to 9, and on the outer rim, you will find the signs of the zodiac.

This feature is particularly useful as the user is able to determine the star sign of a soul mate or future partner, or establish the time of year a particular event is likely to occur (for example, should the dowsing pendulum affirm Aries, the user can assume that the event will likely occur between March and April).

This board can also be used as a Spirit Board, to enable communication between the user and spirit.


How To Use

If you are asking a yes / no question, hold your pendulum over the centre of the board and ask your question.

You pendulum will swing in the direction of your answer.

To use the other features of the board, you will need to establish your own yes / no swing.

To do this, simply how your pendulum over your hand, and ask the pendulum a question you know the answer to be yes.

However the pendulum swings, be it clockwise, anticlockwise, vertically or horizontally, that is the swing direction that will indicate a yes answer.

Now repeat this for your no answer.

Once you have established your yes / no swings, you may now ask use the Pendulum Dowsing Board.

To find either the day of the week, number or time of year, simply ask your question, and hold your pendulum over each option for a few seconds. If your pendulum swings no, or doesn't swing at all, move onto the next option until the answer is indicated.

Should your pendulum not provide any answer, check that this is the right time for your question to be asked by holding your Pendulum over the centre of the board to establish a yes / no / perhaps or maybe answer.

Technical Bits

This Pendulum Dowsing / Spirit Board is 30 cm in diameter


**Pendulum not included