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Chakra Bracelets (elasticated)

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Semi precious beads for chakra alignment, enhance your energies as you wear this lovely bracelet every day. The bracelet contains 7 different semi precious beads for chakra balance , black jet beads for protection against negativity and to encourage positivity, plus black lava beads known for gentle diffusion of the energy of the chakra stones and when 1 or 2 drops of essential oil are applied to them they will create a long lasting fragrance throughout the day. The properties of the oil will be enhanced bringing additional benefits. 

This is an elasticated/adjustable bracelet, one size fits all. These are hand crafted originals made by Mystic Maidens with love and care. The stones used have been cleansed. 

A useful way to use oils, for example lavender oil will help to reduce stress, calm and reduce fatigue and help to relieve headaches , joint and muscle pain. Using the lava beads on the bracelet means that you will feel the benefits of the oil all day.