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Let’s Try Cartomancy

Let’s Try Cartomancy

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Let’s Try Cartomancy
Divination with Playing Cards: A Taster Guide for Beginners


If you’re curious about the art of playing card divination, all you need is a deck of normal playing cards and the information in this short taster guide. We have included a variety of examples in the Spreads sections, ranging from simple yes/no readings to full tarot style spreads that allow you to unravel knotty problems or forecast the week or year ahead. You will find a selection of the most common card meanings in the Interpretations chapter, as well as tips to combine cards and interpret patterns to find deeper nuance and spark your intuition.

The basic skills provided should give you a useful foundation if you want to progress in your divination studies or simply amaze your friends and family with your uncanny fortune-telling ability!

A5 perfect bound paperback format, 64 pages