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Holistic Coaching

Have you ever felt the frustration of knowing that something wasn’t aligning quite right in your life?

You know, or think you know, what’s wrong, but no matter what you do or try nothing seems to change, nothing turns out the way you wanted and all you seem to do is continue to spin relentlessly in this never ending cycle of frustration, trying to change, failing, more frustration, and so the wheel keeps spinning.


As your coach, I am here to tell you that you really do have the power and strength within you to make changes to your life, to be happy, to be in control, to live and to have the quality of life that so far has seemed so far out of reach.
As your coach, I can help you achieve your dreams.
As your coach, my promise to you is that I will be there, every single step of the way, walking with you side by side as you embark upon your own journey.


Throughout your journey I will be your guide and mentor, motivator, problem solver, cheerleader, and oh yes, most definitely hold you accountable for following through!

After all, I can walk this journey with you, but you must also take your own steps – I can’t do that for you.

As your coach, I can show you the door of your dreams, I can help you to forge the key, I can even help you to unlock that door and glimpse at the light that lay on the other side -  but those final steps of seeing your dreams become your reality? Those final wonderful steps and yours and yours alone.


Do you really want to make changes in your life? If you do, let me show you how!


If you have come this far already, I am so excited for you!

You have shown that you have got what it takes to stick with it and do what’s necessary to take back control.

I know you can do this!!
Now let me explain what happens next.


First things first, when you’re done reading this, call me! Or if that seems a little too scary just pop me an email (details at the bottom).

Before you begin your coaching journey, we will need to arrange for us to have what I call an ‘initial conflab’ – this is of course completely free and lasts for as long as is needed to enable us to talk through what changes you are seeking to make.

If you are happy to start your coaching journey, we can talk through what ‘package’ you prefer and get your session (or sessions) pencilled in so that you can start your journey.

Our coaching sessions are done over the telephone, lasts around 30 minutes, and is charged at £30 per session which is to be paid for in full prior to your session via the Mystic Maidens website.

You are able to book your sessions on a pay as you go basis, or if you prefer, you can book 4, 8 or 12 sessions upfront at a discounted rate.

After your first session (or sessions), to continue your coaching simply pop onto the website and buy the relevant package. I will then email you to book in our next appointment/s.


Phone Helen: 07803 480 757

Email Helen: Coaching@mysticmaidens.co.uk

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