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Protection and Grounding Bracelet

Protection and Grounding Bracelet

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Handcrafted by Mystic Maidens, this beautiful high quality protection bracelet draws positivity and clears any negative energies. 

This stretch bracelet contains 3 of the most powerful grounding and protection crystals -

Hematite: has strong grounding properties and balances energy. A powerful protective crystal which aids self confidence and will power.

Tigers Eye: a warm powerful crystal that aids release of anxiety and fear, brings harmony and balance, and clears emotional blockages. Tigers Eye was traditionally carried as an amulet to ward off negativity and is a strong natural healing crystal.

Black Obsidian: a powerful aura cleanser, protects against negativity, removes energy blockages to help keep you balanced and grounded. It contains the elements of fire, earth and water and is used in healing.

When all these crystals are combined they provide the strongest possible protection against negative energies and will help to bring calm and balance to the wearer.  

We love the fabulous crystals in these special bracelets.